Collectivism in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Collectivism in my big fat greek wedding:

All the Greek families from the neighbourhood are very together, as they all join up together at the Greek restaurant. •When the main character asks her father if she can go to University he gets very upset and says no, as he doesn’t want her to leave the family and get on with her life. •The father offers money to Thia Voula for her travel agents business; this shows how they help each other within the community. •Tula asks to her boyfriend, if he went on holiday with his cousins, and he says no, she is shocked as she has 27 close cousins which they travel and do everything together. •“ Greeks marry Greeks, to breed Greeks” this shows how closed they are in their own collective community. •The are in which the restaurant is located, only has Greek owned business, like the travel agents etc… •Tula is always worried about her family ( shown by the way she is so worried about what her family will think when she marries a “xeno” (foreigner). •During Easter dinner, the whole family gets together, they eat and dance (together!) •When Toula and her family are choosing who they are going to invite to the wedding, Toula wants a small wedding, whereas her father wants to invite everyone, even the people that Toula doesn’t really talk much to. •Toula’s mother invited the whole family over when Toula was inviting her fiancee’s family to a “small quiet dinner to meet the parents” •There is a great difference between the invitation number on Toula’s and her fiancee’s party. (Toula’s is 4 times as big).
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