Collectived Ethics

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Response to reading on Rand.


I like and agree how the author of this article explains the negative ideas collectivized ethics. The idea of collectivism suggests that an individual is obligated to live for the advantage of a society. Under this idea, certain rules are declared as useful for the majority and are to be supported at the expense of others individuals within that particular society. It is by norm that public ventures are established within a society such as, health department, welfare programs, food stamp programs, and other free public places. The purpose of these developments is the benefits they provide to the majority, the resources by which these plans are produced by labor, monetary supplements and other acceptable payments. In this article, Rand petitions the notion of collectivized ethics because it devalues individuals in a given society. This article strongly suggests that Rand believes that it is wrong to use individuals to support such programs. The article suggests that Rand believes that an individual chooses whether he wish to help someone or render his service. It is not acceptable is for a person in power (authoritative figure) to force individuals to pay taxes or render some type of helpful service to benefit individuals in a particular society of social class. The problem with creating public objectives, to be sustained by the government, is that these objectives reduce the perspectives in which they are to be attained. They dictate exactly who will benefit from public assistance, for exactly what reason. Furthermore, Rand states that under no condition will every individual benefit from a particular public venture; hence, the tactics of collectivized ethics proclaims that some individual lives are more valued than others. Rand demonstrates her zealous dislike for collectivism, and more precisely, toward socialism, a combined system that drives individuals to forgo their own concern for the good of the...
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