Collective Security vs. Appeasement Ww2

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: February 19, 2009
World War Two

World War Two is the cruel, black scar that marks the back of the Twentieth century. Etched out by dictators, genocides and opening of the Atomic Era, how did this fiery conflict erupt into the biggest bloodiest War on this Earth? After World War One the seeds of World War Two were planted through the unbearable burdens put on the German people from the infamous treaty of Versailles. With the rise of the notorious dictator Hitler, the German people thirsted for a new beginning. The Western World appeased Nazi Germany which sought more land and threatened war if it’s demands were not met and the Great Powers complied to try to prevent another fierce war, but the new dictator couldn’t be appeased and eventually invaded Poland, sparking World War Two. In order to liken the prevention of war the League of Nations should have introduced collective security to deal with the German aggression instead of appeasement.

The philosophies behind the appeasement as the solution to peace were littered with faults which Germany capitalized on. In the wake of World War One the great powers established the Rhineland demilitarized zone, as part of the Treaty of Versailles. The demilitarized zone worked as a collective security as a buffer between Germany and France to lessen the tension between the historically rival nations who fought over this piece of land. Hitler had said that the Rhineland was German land and believed he had the right to reoccupy it. “Berlin, March 7 [1936] – Germany today cast off the last shackles fastened upon her by the Treaty of Versailles when Adolf Hitler, as commander-in-chief of the Reich defense forces, sent his new battalions into the Rhineland’s demilitarized zone (Document 3) .” When Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland in clear defiance of Treaty of Versailles France’s immediate response was a call to the other powers to pressure the German government into removing its soldiers from the demilitarized zone but because of the...
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