Collective Bargaining at West University

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Collective Bargaining at West University
Camille R. Byrne
DeVry University
Professor Estes Perkins

Collective Bargaining at West University
I.The labor law does encourage unionization to keep the employers honest. It protects employees from unfair labor practices, and it also provides provisions for the employer as well, it protects them from unfair union practices. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA) clearly states that “this law guarantees workers the right to organize and join unions, bargain collectively, strike, and pursue activities that support their objectives. In terms of labor relations, the Wagner Act specifically requires employers to bargain in good faith over mandatory bargaining issues- wages, hours, and terms and conditions, of employment.” This law was intended not only to protect the rights of the workers to have better working conditions and the right to organize without reprisals from employees. The labor unions secured this right to represent the employees in their relations with their employers when this act was passed.

II.Teachers Assistant should be considered employee. The definition of a teacher assistant is an individual who assist the teachers with instructions, responsibilities. They are the ones in case a teacher is not present are able to effectively follow the course syllabus. They provide a service for compensation and it deserves the appropriate recognition. They have responsibility and duties, face challenges that other workers do so indeed they should be called employees. Using loop holes and wording in a law is a shameful way to deny a persons’ right to be treated fairly and be compensated appropriately. Another point to a Teachers’ Assistant being an employee is that only and employee can be hired and fired, there is no other situation where this is even possible.

III.Managements reaction to an employee interest in unionization will indeed be different if the employer already has...
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