Collective Bargaining

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Hayley Graham
Collective Bargaining

1. Workers have the right to collectively bargain as part of their freedom of association. Human dignity, equality, liberty, respect for the autonomy of the person and the enhancement of democracy are all underlying values in the Charter that coincide with the right to collective bargaining. In paragraph 82, it states that collective bargaining promotes human dignity, liberty and freedom of workers by “giving them the opportunity to influence the establishment of workplace rules and thereby gain some control over a major aspect of their lives” (HSS-FBB 82). Collective bargaining also promotes equality. In paragraph 84, the Royal Commission on Capital and Labour stated, “Labour organizations are necessary to enable working men to deal on equal terms with their employers” (HSS-FBB 84). Lastly, collective bargaining promotes the enhancement of democracy. Collective bargaining allows workplace democracy and to “ensure the rule of law in the workplace” (HSS-FBB 85). A positive of democracy in a workplace is it allows every worker to maintain a voice in decisions that inevitably become a big part of their lives.

2.No, collective bargaining is not simply about increased pay. There are many other issues of concern that are on the line when there is a labour disagreement. Paragraph 83 states, that collective bargaining protects and promotes “working conditions, like the duration and location of work, parental leave, benefits, severance and retirement schemes” (HSS-FBB 83). These are all issues that can be at stake and impact the lives of workers outside the workplace. It is important that collective bargaining protects and promotes all these aspects of work so that workers can feel safe and taken care of. I’m sure knowing that these certain things are protected by collective bargaining takes some stress off of workers and they are able to focus on the tasks they have to do.

3.The fundamental achievement of collective...
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