Collection of Valedictory Address

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Yes, ten long years. Ten long years of struggle, to attain what I have become now, to stand, amidst many barriers, along the first step of my pedestal toward the zenith --- towards the initial pace of my pursuit to higher education. This night, marks the night of achievement and a crowning glory of intellectual struggle over a period of laborious search for truth and enlightenment. You and I, the graduates of this great university, are now endowed with knowledge --- and everlasting attribute of valuable treasure of intellect; a badge of freedom from the dark cave of ignorance. Our young faces are bright with optimism and eagerly looking toward s the future for greater accomplishments. Yes, graduation always evokes this mingle emotion of successful fulfillment and deserving sense of pride for a task well done. Graduation has always been both a happy and sad experience in one's life. It stands for a glorious achievement one has done. Yet, it also means the end of many joys and pains, the many trials and challenges, the many laughters and tears of our high school life. Some may be wondering why graduation ceremonies are also called commencement exercises. Graduation marks the end of a course, while commencement means the beginning. Is it possible that the end means the beginning? Is it contingent that the two antithetical words could mean the same thing? The explanation is quite simple. For graduation is the end of a course and a commencement the start of either another course or of something else --- perhaps a career. It is like twilight that marks the end of day and the beginning of night, or like the dawn that marks the end of night and the beginning of the day. For life and everything material around us begin and end, and the beginning of one, marks the end of another in the ceaseless march of time. In our studies, the end of the elementary course is the beginning of high school, and the end of one's high school life is the beginning of a more complex...
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