Collection and Analysis of Diagnostic Information Bibliography

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  • Published : May 2, 2009
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Topic: Collection and analysis of diagnostic information

Dutta Roy, D. (March 20, 2001), lecture at department of Humanities and social Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Dr. D. Dutta Roy is a Sr.Lecturer at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. Here the author has focused on understanding organisational system and based upon it to make a decision whether the change is desirable or not. In a simple method topics like concept of system, focus of attention, who will diagnose, various phases of diagnosis from entry to collection of data and feedback. He has tried to explain it further with case studies. But the article is not sufficient enough to clear all the aspects of Change management and diagnosis of various models are missing.

Harrison, M.I. (2004). Diagnosing Organisations: methods, models, and processes (3rd Ed). Sage. Michael I. Harrison is a senior research scientist at Agency of Healthcare research & quality , Rockville and Associate professor at Bar-Ilan university, Israel. The author has in an excellent way explained how effectively to avoid waste of resources and diagnose organizational conditions, plan changes and apply technologies and management techniques. The author has shown models for framing diagnostic problems, identifying conditions, methods of gathering and analysing diagnostic data and processes for working on a diagnosis with clients. It enhances the knowledge of improving team performance and redesigning projects with change management politics, ethical issues and professional dilemmas. Harrison, M.I. and Shirom, A. ‘Organizational diagnosis and assessment: bridging theory and practice’ Sage, 1998 Here the authors show how applied researchers, consultants, managers can enhance their ability to diagnose organisational problems by examining organizations through divergent theoretical frames. They have discussed a new approach known as sharp image diagnosis. It focuses directly on the symptoms or organizational...