Collapse of the Canadian Fishing Industry

Topics: Fish, Overfishing, Fishing Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: December 6, 2012
[1]John Cabot sailed through the waters of Newfoundland in 1497; his ship was blocked by the rich cod waters that have since changed. Fish populations off Canada’s shores are decreasing because of new technology, over fishing and tempters changes in the waters.

[2]With massive advances in technology there is also massive negative affects. Technology is the cause of constructing large things called draggers. These draggers are big bag like nets; they are dragged across the ocean and scoop up whole schools of fish while spawning. Doing this affects the feeding chain in the ecosystem, the less fish there are to eat the eggs, larvae, and other fish the more eggs, larvae and other fish there are. This impacts the ecosystem with a great imbalance, and with this imbalance caused by new technology the economy and the ecosystem are suffering. [3] After world war two, the fishing industry advanced its technology by creating location devises to pin point a certain species school of fish. [4] Because of all the technology advances fewer and fewer fish are escaping the nets, and this is making overfishing possible.

[5]Overfishing is catching so many fish they can not reproduce fast enough to recover their population. [6] The amount of fish the federal government had put in place was realized to be too large. More fish have being caught without reaching adulthood and, there for cannot reproduce. This is causing a decreased fish population.[7] The fish population can not handle the huge yearly catch being done by the Americans and Canadians on the West coast. With this massive catch being done in the ocean the salmon in the west coast cannot swim to the rivers to spawn. In British Columbia alone there used to be 100 major fish processing plants there are now less then 10 plants. [8] Even before the 1990’s fishermen in Newfoundland decreasing fish in there catch, and in 1988 it was advised by scientists that the fish allowed to be caught should be cut in half. When the...
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