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My collage includes pictures of who I believe are the major stakeholders in a local school community. I started by incorporating pictures of people on the top who actually create rules for the children and teachers within the schools. I was sure to find a picture that showed a group of what I perceived as an administrator, a state representative, a superintendent and a principal gathering to create ways to better the education of students. My idea was to actually show someone from the state meeting with school board representatives with the new rules mandated. I added a picture of a gentleman separate which I choose to reflect the principal who would then pass the information learned down to his teachers. The second level of my collage is to show the teachers first having a meeting amongst themselves and making sure they all know the new curriculum put upon them for the students and the education of them thereof. The second picture shows a teacher having one-on-one time with the students to ensure they are understanding the material taught to them. The third picture is an example of a teacher meeting with the parents of the child. I choose this picture to show how teachers can incorporate family so that they also know what is being taught ensuring the support is not only there for the child at school but also at home. The next level, which is the second to bottom portion of my collage, represents families actually putting the time in to help the child at home and actually displaying what they have learned in the meetings with teachers and school officials, this is important for the child to reach his/her fullest potential. The very last portion of my collage represents successful students graduating after having a correct support system built from major...
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