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College Fair
UIC is different than other colleges by having a wide choice of research to undergraduates. The Undergraduate Research Experience program works by pairing students with mentors who have the same research interests. Another research program that UIC has is the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, it gives Honors College students the opportunity to achieve a wide range of research activity that includes business, education, engineering, the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences. A trade school that caught my attention was The College’s academic programs are Student-centered with small classroom sizes—an average faculty-student ratio of 1:19. Classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants, to ensure students receive the one-on-one attention they need to succeed. We pride ourselves on our faculty students collaborative research project and our service-learning program that enables students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations.

I very much liked the college fair. I was surprised how much people went. Many colleges were there such as Northwestern College, Coyne College, Harvard College and much more. I was looking into the medical field to be a nurse so I was looking at colleges with medical programs. I found about 5 colleges that have really good programs for the medical field. One college I was looking at was UIC the representative that was at the college fair was nice and told me how the school was. It’s a bit expensive. Full Tuition is 18,000 dollars but if I can get the financial aid with a few scholarships I could lower the cost for my parent’s expense. I kept walking around and another college caught my eye this college is called Lincoln College. This College has a medical program but what also caught my eye was the mechanic program. They have many experience people that help you with hands on training. Step by step courses were...
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