Collaborative Writing

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In collaborative writing, there are many advantages and disadvantages. In chapter two of our text there is a list of both the advantages and disadvantages. The three advantages that I am going to focus on are: “Collaboration offers wider expertise and skills than just one writer may possess.” “The responsibility is wider spread, both allowing more members to shine with their accomplishments and removing the burden on just one person to produce a polished document.” “Collaboration offers the opportunities for co-workers in business and industry to know and respect each other more intimately and thus work more productively. Differences in length of company tenure, gender, and multicultural concerns should be brought to light and worked out democratically toward a shared group and organizational goal.”

Wider expertise and skills

Knowing that two people are not exactly alike when it comes to writing habits, would help out immensely when it comes to writing a collaborative paper. Each person could interject their own style into the paper, showcasing their knowledge on the subject at hand. If one writer pays more attention to spelling and grammar and the other writer pays more attention to the structure of the paper, they will compliment each other and the paper.


Each person on the writing team has a responsibility to the other members to get their part of the paper completed and turned in to the person that is compiling the paper on time. They need to make sure that all grammar and spelling is correct. They also need to make sure that the spacing and alignment are at the right settings with the rest of the paper.

Opportunities to work with colleagues

Having the opportunity to work with someone that you know very little about often improves office relationships. Especially if you get to work with someone who has been with the company for a long time it would give you the opportunity to learn more about the...
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