Collaborative Roles for Teachers

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Reasoning Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: November 10, 2010
U03d1 Collaborative Roles for Teachers October 25, 2010 Subject: Analysis of Collaborative Roles for Teachers Case Study

1.Identify Central Problems or Questions. Establishing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) is difficult in and of itself because not everyone is on the “same page.” It was obvious in this case that the Improving Teacher Practice group did in fact work hard on the plan; the problem is not everyone shares in the same vision. Due to the varying ages of the staff and level of experience from all parties involved, I think this a challenge for all schools. Some teachers get “stuck in a rut” and like the comfort of the “rut” whether it is good for kids or not (Thinking Outside the Box).

2.Purpose. The purpose of this case is to show how even one teacher in the group has some resistance or negative thoughts about the process and everyone follows or chooses not to battle the negativism. While the administration can’t be everywhere and depends on the head teachers to transfer a positive experience, maybe doing some role playing of how the meeting should look, or scheduling time with each individual group to assist in the set up of the first meeting could have made things run more smoothly. I also think that trying things out in a team approach makes things less stressful and unfamiliar (Dana, Nancy & Yendol-Hoppey, Diane 2009).

3.Information. I think that as head teachers and administrators you have to be willing to “jump in and get dirty.” The staff looks to those in charge to get a feel for their reaction. I also think that administrators who continue to work in the classrooms with teachers, practicing what they are trying to “sell” is extremely beneficial.

4.Key Concepts. Implementing the Program Outcomes that were discussed in Unit 1 would benefit this PLC. 1) Having a generation of new knowledge, 2) Keep the staff involved in Critical Thinking preferably with a group or partner, 3) Model...
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