Collaborative Nursing Practice, Case Scenario

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Collaborative Practice

The following paper is a case study of how collaboration practice has taken place for a patient in the hospital. The case study will be explained then different methods of collaborating with other disciplines will be identified. Common situations when collaborating patient care will be identified and barriers to collaborating will also be identified. Case Study

An 87 year old white female was admitted to a regional hospital from her assisted living apartment. The patient had fallen in the bathroom sustaining evident external head injuries. The patient was brought to her local hospital where a CT scan was performed identifying bilateral traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages with bilateral temporal and frontal contusions. The patient was then transferred to a regional hospital for further evaluation by a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon admitted the patient to the ICU due to her rapidly declining status and the possible need for intubation. The surgeon discussed with the family the severity of her injuries and code status. The family wanted to discuss the code status and get back to the surgeon. The same day the patient was admitted the neurosurgeon consulted the hospitalist to assist with patient’s medical issues including, hypertension and atrial fibrillation. The patient was seen by physical, occupational, and speech therapy throughout her hospital stay. The patient was seen daily by therapies, but continued to make no progress and remained basically unresponsive. Case management was brought into to help with discharge planning as it was apparent that the patient was not going to be able to return to her assisted living arrangements.

The discussion was made with the case management team and physicians to bring in the palliative care team as patient continued to receive nutrition via nasogastric tube feedings and it was apparent her swallowing would be impaired for quite sometime.

The palliative...
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