Collaborative Health Care

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Improve Productivity with Leadership

Natalie Misyuk

Chamberlain School of Nursing

Marilyn Smith
NR 447 Collaborative Health care


Improve Productivity with Leadership
Working in the VA has made me become a leader, I have been employed here for about 4 years and it feels like family. I started becoming a leader by learning though out my experience from my colleagues of my other jobs that I held and the knowledge I have acquired through my school that helped me prepare for the future. I want to be there for my whole career as a Registered Nurse and as a Leader in my clinic to improve productivity and processes. The two SMART goals that I have choose are: 1. Reduce late and cancelled appointments in the Women's clinic. 2. To provide the female veterans with the newest technology available on the market. I choose them because I want to be the best nurse advocate to my patients.

Goal 1: Leadership Development
My leadership development is about being a natural leader. I attend conferences, read books and keep myself updated on the different theories of leadership. I always wondered what kind of leader I would become but over the years I have learned to lead and improve my skills to become a natural leader. It is about certain strategies that you just have to have. Strategic thinking helps you to learn to step back from the day-to-day tactical details and focus on the "why", not just the "what" and "how". Being a good listener means to learn to pay attention and demonstrate to others that I value what they have to say.


Peer-Reviewed Articles
The article that I found is called "Empowering others to take an active role in patient care" This article talks about how leadership traits are very difficult to apply into the real world when you try to

learn them from someone. Each individual is a leader within himself and is a product of individual

experiences, individual opportunities, and individual training who has been exposed to challenging

situations, unique opportunities (Sara J. White 2012).

It is simply not realistic to think, "How can I be like her?," or in "How can I be as good a leader as

Abraham Lincoln?" When we think about the great leaders that we have come across in our lives, it

would be difficult to retrace the knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that shaped their ability and


It is difficult to acquire or develop the attributes necessary to be a good leader by seeing examples of

good leadership in others. Good leadership ability will result from applying knowledge useful in

situations that require leadership, practicing the skills associated with leadership, and having the desire

and motivation to exert these in appropriate situations. (Sara J. White 2012) Leadership is "about

coping with change."' This requires more specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The individual must

have the knowledge necessary to be a good leader, including the knowledge necessary to develop a

vision, stimulate change, work well with people, and become a person of influence.

Credible Websites
The website that will help me with the development of my SMART goal talks about "10 Tips to Improve productivity at work." by Adam Gurian. It is a business professional website, but it can be applied to anyone that wants to improve processes in their work. He talks about how to quickly manage IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 4

difficult situations and how to be a leader at work,...
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