Collaborative Fund Raising Activity

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Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA) clearly needs funds in order to continue to offer job counseling to their recipients. Having bake sales, garage sales, raffles, car washes, back yard rodeos, and so on can only fix so much of the PHAs problem. The agency needs a constant flow of funds from a source. This is why I came to my conclusion. Approach a local restaurant and have it set aside part of the sales receipts from an evening of sales. The PHA could do this a couple times a week from different restaurants. This is a low-effort fundraising method for many groups, and in this case, it would be an opportunity for the two groups to help each other. The PHA and the recipients of the PHA’s programs all put in a little time distributing fliers and handouts about the event so the restaurant gets additional business, which means additional income for the restaurant even if they donate 10-20% to the PHA, which then becomes a tax deduction for the restaurant. To further help the PHA, some of the recipients can take the opportunity to be there, have a meal, talk about their situation to the people who come in to donate, and personalize the situation. This act in itself will provide some extra income if they offer the event in the future, because once the “donation” becomes personalized and there is an actual name or face you can put to it; people are often willing to go out and spend more or donate more in the future. The PHA could turn an event that would raise just a small amount into a regular activity that the socially conscious residents will participate in regularly. It is a chance to have a quiet dinner, and meet other people if you want to.

Martin, L. (2001). Financial management for human service administrators. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon
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