Collaborative Essay

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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When you are writing collaboratively, how does one determine whether an argument represents one's own position? Sticking to your position while writing collaboratively can be tricky, often times it can be downright impossible. To ensure that one maintains its own position it is important to know well and to constantly stick to your position. You can pretty well guarantee that your portion of the paper is a reflection of yourself and your views by sticking by them and being sure to give support for those ideas. On the other hand what is it that causes or allows a team member to support an argument that he or she does not find credible? Does this lack of individual support weaken the final paper? Why or why not? You may not find the issue a credible one, but that does not mean that you should be unable to admit when a solid point is made. The difference being that if you do not find a point credible maybe you go on the attack and decide to tear the opposing team apart. Or , and this being the most likely, some people find it hard to disagree with a person based mainly on the respect they have for their team that they simply state that. Though it is a lacking point, it is of sound judgment and solid character. Also individuals often have a strong emotional connection to the positions they argue in essays. Do teams have a similarly intense connection? If not, what fills this role for teams? In team writing it’s not just about the solo person, it is about the group as a whole. It is much harder to write an eight hundred word essay when you have to do them alone. On the flipside of the coin you do much more work on the paper and the structure of the essay itself when your with a partner because after you pitch an idea one person in the group may take it for a ride and pass it on the next student they give their two cents and before you know it the essay is done. Every team wants to do well and to connect on one level for another so too do they design winning plans...
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