Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Kathy Simonette
July 19, 2011
Paul Huckabone

Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Our company is pleased to submit this proposal to the employees of Party Plates Incorporated. We are very excited to introduce new changes taking place in 2012. Coming this January, our sales department will be launching Microsoft Access to keep our company growing not only financially, but also technologically as well. Currently our corporation uses Microsoft Excel to manage lists and personnel information. As our business grows, changes must be made in order to keep the growth of our company moving in a positive direction. With an open mind management believes each of you will see the changes we are making are for the good of our future with Party Plates Inc. Although Excel is a useful implement to assist in managing lists and financial data, there comes a time when a company needs to do more with their spreadsheets. Converting over Excel into a relational database such as Microsoft Access allows us to utilize forms to enter data, links tables to one another, and can handle complex querying for data stored in other tables and in fields in other tables (1999-2011). Briefly I want to discuss three benefits of using Microsoft Access in our work environment. First, our company is in need of a relational database to use multiple tables to store our data. Second, we want to have the ability to run complex queries. For example, if you work in a large company that takes customer orders, you may have to look up customer names stored in a SQL server database while taking new customer orders in Access. You can maintain a connection to the SQL server database from within the Table view in Access. When you add or look up a customer name you are working against the SQL Server database, but the new order details you just took are stored locally in Access tables. Third, we need to rely on multiple external...
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