Collaboration in Professional Practice

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Effective Interprofessional Collaboration is key to providing good quality *patient/client/service user centred care"...Discuss

The aim of this assignment is to explore the importance of effective interprofessional collaboration in quality patient/client/service/user centred care. The author works as a children’s nurse, and in the field of paediatric nursing the main area of concentration is on patient-centred and family-centred care, therefore this essay will mainly focus on exploring these areas. Firstly it will discuss the government policies and background of the introduction of Interprofessional practice, and will then talk about the importance of patient centred care and team working, and about the significance of reflection in developing self-awareness as a collaborative worker, including the importance of action plans. Next it will identify individual and team communication within the practice setting, and the usage of discussion boards. Finally, using practice experience, the necessity of professional behaviour and responsibilities will be discussed, followed by an overview of organisational models in health and social care in relation to practice.

Following the election of the new Labour government in 1997, the Department of Health (DOH) have published many White Papers, promising a new and improved National Health Service (NHS) with a desire to put patients first (DOH, 2006). These Papers have recognised and highlighted the importance of teamwork and interprofessional working both between and within health and social care provision. The proposals tend to focus on improving overall health in general, emphasising on preventative care (Day, 2006). The Acheson report followed in 1998, and in its recommendations in section 39.1 stated that to address health inequalities, there should be joint working between the NHS and regional government, local authorities and other agencies (Acheson, 1998). Another report that highlighted the need for effective interprofessional working arose from the tragic death of Victoria Climbié - a failed child protection case. Victoria was only nine years old when she was subjected to months of torture from her aunt, and eventually died in February 2000. During this time she was admitted to hospital several times, visited by social services, health visitors and other professionals, and alerts from relatives were also highlighted. The Victoria Climbié Report (2003) highlighted that there were at least twelve occasions when professionals could have intervened, and to have maybe prevented her death. (Victoria Climbié Report, 2003). More recently, the Department of Health funded a three year project called ‘The Creating an Interprofessional Workforce Programme’ (CIPW), which was hosted by the South West Peninsula Strategic Health Authority. This project covered all aspects of interprofessional learning and development in Health and Social care in England, in close collaboration with the UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE), to improve undergraduate and post-graduate education for nursing, allied health professionals and medicine. (CIPW 2006).

Family-centred care is a collaborative approach to making decisions and the giving of care, where everyone respects each others knowledge, skills and experience that everyone can bring into a health-care situation. Both the health care team and the family, collaboratively assess the needs of the patient and the development of the care/treatment plan. (The Institute for Family Centred Care). The concept of family-centred care in health has developed over the last fifty years, and is still very significant in children’s nursing today. (Glasper and Richardson 2006). This has stemmed from research and awareness of the importance of psychosocial and developmental needs of children, and the part that the family play in their child’s health and well-being. (Eichner et al. 2003). Many studies were...
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