Collaboration: Field Island and Career Field

Topics: Student, Stay, Collaboration Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: October 28, 2012
It takes hard work and dedication to become a successful online student. Networking with other students that share the same common interest helps with staying motivated in the online classroom. GCU enriches a student’s life by providing the resources and contacts I need to stay motivated. Having access to the tools that I need to succeed helps me to stay determined to stay on track. Collaboration to me in online course is working as a team. Working on group projects gives me the experience I need in my chosen career field. Collaboration is important in my career field because it helps groups to work effectively. Working as team allows others to put in effort and complete task appropriately.

The GCU Facebook page, and Twitter, helps students with collaboration because

it allows students to keep up with current events and communicate with each other.

Students can use the class wall for support and to share information. The discussion

forums allow students to share their intellectual thoughts. Networking in any career field

is beneficial because being supportive and sharing information with each other helps with

becoming successful in your career. Networking in the career can establish lifelong

relationship with other who share the same common interest.

Taking classes online is a great experience for me. I will continue to take

advantage of the resources and contacts GCU provides. I am staying motivated by asking

for help, collaborating with other students, keeping up with current events on campus.

and networking with other students.
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