Topics: Writing, Psychology, Woman Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 19, 2013
During the women’s right movement in France many women started to find their ways into jobs and hobbies that were not considered lady like. Colette was one woman that moved outside of societies thoughts of what a woman should act and be like. She found a liking to writing and society wasn’t as accepting to this idea of a woman writer. The time period had an effect on Colette’s because it was during the women’s right movement and her writing was breaking norms and she received much criticism for this act. The movement of her time had an impact on her phycology as well being a simple woman who was very opinionated. The time period between 1873 and 1954 when Colette was alive effected Gabrielle Colette’s writing because of societies norms of the time period which had an impact in her phycology also which both had an impact on her writing including the story “The Bracelet”.

The time frame an author spends their life in can have an impact on their writing and Colette is no exception. “The woman’s right movement was in infancy during her life time.” - Presence Literature Hall. During Colette’s life in France, women were trying to gain their rights. This made it hard for female writers of this time such as Colette. Colette received criticism for being a woman writer in her life time. “She gained a great deal of fame during her lifetime, but made enemies because she questioned accepted traditions and values.”- Hoeness-Krupsaw. Colette had a passion for writing but the time frame she lived in made it hard for her to do so. Even though it was hard for her as a woman to be a writer in this era, she pursued and also inspired other women. Colette had a big impact on the woman’s right movement and she cared about it also. The time period of Colette did impact her as a writer.

The mental state of Colette also affected her as a writer. Colette didn’t have any mental illness, but the criticism she received for being a woman writer during her time did impact her...
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