Coles Summary

Topics: Customer, Mobile River, The Promotion Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: May 24, 2013
I. Brand Ambassoradon & Sponsorship
II. Loyalty System (Flybuys_My5)
I. Complicated strategy
II. Mobile system
III. Private Label
IV. Advertising
Mobile improvement
* More useful information
* Less shopping list
* Communication between members
* Resource Sharing
Negative impression
* Not Fresh
* ‘we never freeze, we never thaw’
* Slash price by 50%
* absorb the losses on discount prices instead of passing them on to growers Key challenge:
I. Differentiation
II. Positioning
I. Customer Relationship

Coles’ brand ambassadors and sponsorships are driving its success. Curtis Stone is the famous Australia chef who is the celebrity of the Coles so that he is the most suitable person to represent the Coles. Also Coles is the sponsorship of MasterChef &My Kitchen Rules which are two popular cooking shows in Australia. It aims to show professionalism and high quality of fresh food to customers. Besides, it definitely presents that Coles understand their customers' based. Another advantage is loyalty system. Flybuys is the membership card of Coles while it is the basic of the loyalty system. After the 'My5' promotion finished, the member numbers increased from five million to seven million. Weakness:

The strategy of Coles show messy and less planning. All the promotion and loyalty system engage customers in short time such as 'My5' and 'Down Down' . It actually represents that price is not the only one factor influencing the customers' decisions. In addition, the mobile system should not satisfied by customers because it has too much shopping list but less useful information. Besides, less information and no communication between members needed to improved. Opportunities:

Like Woolworth, Coles should aware of the effectiveness of Online Shopping. Though Coles increased the delivery service in this year; however, it...
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