Coleridge and Wordsworth

Topics: Appreciation, English-language films, The Majestic Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: February 10, 2013
A beacon of hope
Nature is a precious gift. It is a beacon of hope, a shimmering star of all that is good and innocent in the world. Some have the ability to truly appreciate this beacon of hope, while others take for granted the beauty and innocence. The innocence and serenity of nature often make people feel at home and relaxed. Both Coleridge and Wordsworth found this same serenity in nature. Watching the beautiful flowers blow in the wind gave Wordsworth a sense of peacefulness, one that could not be compared to any manmade object. He describes a sense of ultimate joyfulness, where one could not but be happy while watching the majestic flowers dance. Wordsworth has opened his mind to the beauty of nature, allowing it to be saved in his mind. Coleridge finds this ultimate joyfulness watching nature as well. He writes of a man watching nature do its daily chores, bees buzzing around, Birds flapping their wings. While watching nature for a split second the speaker sees a glimpse of ultimate joyfulness. The speaker finds nature to be so beautiful that he actually questions what beauty is. Wordsworth appreciates the beauty of nature so much that when he is feeling lonely he instantly is uplifted when he remembers the majestic daffodils. In an instant he is filled with overwhelming joy as he is remembers the beauty of the flowers dancing in the sunlight. Wordsworth directly relates the relationship between man and nature, making his joyous memories etched in his mind forever. Coleridge does not find this same appreciation in nature, he is able to see the beauty that nature possesses but he does not truly appreciate it. Coleridge is blinded by his lack of success and self-esteem. He believes that he can’t truly see beauty because of his own lack of success. He has lost all hope in nature and chooses to ignore the beauty all around him. Shielded by his own woes he will forever be ungrateful of the beautiful gifts that nature presents. Coleridge...
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