Cold War/Yalta

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Yalta Conference
1945 meeting between Big Three to determine post-war status of Germany and rest of world, but mostly Germany, resulted in division of Germany among them. Creation of UN to replace League of Nations. USSR promises to join war in pacific after Germany falls Harry S. Truman.

President 45-53. Decisions made during his administration: Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, World Bank, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Point Four, Korean War, decision to drop atom bombs. Favored strong resistance to communism and Soviet expansion. Potsdam Conference/Agreement

1945 in occupied Germany with Big Three, with Truman, Stalin, Attlee after defeat of Germany. Fate of germany. divide and occupy Germany, east to USSR west to UK US, trial of war criminals, Nuremberg, reparations. Truman Doctine

Statement by Truman that US would help any country that was being threatened by Communism. It was america’s duty. Aimed towards Greece and Turkey due to severe damage after war. Beginning of policy of containment. Aided France in their resumed colonization of Vietnam, fear of Domino Theory. Precursor to Marshall plan. Triggered by Greece and Turkey possibly falling under Soviet rule due to economic weakness. Characterized Cold War as a conflict between good and evil Marshall Plan

1948 Harry Truman, George Marshall, European Recovery Program. plan for economic recovery in European countries somewhat to stop spread of communism. Spent billions. Poverty breeds communism, European starving. If economy not boosted, Europe would turn communist. Beginning of policy of containment. Aided France in their resumed colonization of Vietnam, fear of Domino Theory. George Marshall

Secretary of state under Truman and proponent of Marshall Plan in Europe. Awarded nobel peace prize, secretary of defense during Korean War. Marshall Plan helped rebuild and modernize economy of western Europe after war. Iron Curtain

Coined by Churchill in 1946. Iron Curtain has descended across Europe. Political, Ideological and military barrier created by USSR to seal itself and its satellite states from Western influence. George Kennan

1946 wrote “Long Telegram”. American diplomat in Moscow. Architect of Soviet containment. Argued against friendship with Soviets in favor of creating sphere of influence in Europe to counter Soviet power. Berlin airlift

1948 Result of Berlin Blockade by Soviets cutting off allied railways to Berlin in hope of taking Berlin. Allied cargo planes fly over and drop essential goods to people in west Berlin Republic of Korea

South Korea government established 1948 under Rhee as result to Cold war. Result of division of Korea at end of war at 38th parallel. US in south soviets in north. Korean war
First Proxy war fought during Cold War. South Korea supported by UN north supported by china and Soviets. Result of physical division of Korea after WWII by allies along 38th parallel. Failure to hold free elections in 1948. North established Communist regime, south had Democratic. North Korea invaded South 1950. US came to aid of South. Drove North past 38th parallel China joined North. Funded by Soviets. America’s forgotten war. War began and ended at 38th parallel. Set tone for cold war. 1950-53. Boosted American military budget enourmously. China

Mao Zedong declares foundation of People’s Republic of China, communist adding a quarter of worlds population to communist influence. 1949 Kim Il Sung
Father of Communist North Korea. Instigated Korean war in attempt to reunite peninsula. 48-72. NATO
North Atlantic Treaty Organization founded in order to resist communist expansion 1949. By joining other nations with same interests as US, deters aggression towards US and western Europe. Douglas MacArthur

American army general in Pacific and Chief of Staff during 30’s. Led American withdrawal from Philippines beginning of WWII. Helped establish democratic gov’t. in Japan after WWII. Took on North Koreans in Korean war. Fired due to argument with Truman about...
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