Cold War Video Script

Topics: Cold War, Coca-Cola, Nuclear weapon Pages: 3 (423 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Introductory Page-
(Dramatic News music playing in background)

News Broadcast-
News Reporter: Sorry for the interruption. We have breaking news pertaining to the Cold War. The Soviets have developed an Atomic Bomb. Now the Soviets being our enemies could drop the bomb at any time. So you viewers out there need to be prepared.

We are now going to show you three scenarios in how to protect yourself against an Atomic Bombing.

Scenario 1

(screens shift from News broadcast to Person cooking in kitchen)

Raianne voice over: Scenario 1. You’re preparing dinner in your kitchen when all of a sudden... *Earthquake noise play in background*

(Person cooking would run and grab nearest pot/pan, cover top of head with pot/pan, get on the ground and Duck and Cover.)

Raianne Voice over: You would use the pot/pan to protect your head and.. *insert excerpt from Duck and Cover song.

Scenario 2

(Screen shifts from Kitchen scene to group of students working)

Raianne voice over: Scenario 2. You're at home or in school doing work when all of a sudden....

*Earthquake noise playing in background*

(Students will get under desk and duck and cover)

Raianne Voice over: You should then approach the nearest desk or table and... *insert excerpt from Duck and Cover song.

Scenario 3

(Shift screen from Desk scene to 2 people walking outside with one character carrying a jacket or newspaper)

Raianne voice over: Scenario 3. You're out for a nice evening stroll after a long, hard day of work when all of a sudden...

*Earthquake noise playing in background*

(People taking stroll would then look up, panic, and jump into nearest grassy area while covering oneself with jacket/newspaper)

Raianne voice over: In this scenario, you should jump into the closest grassy area and ... *insert excerpt from Duck and Cover song* … while covering any exposed body parts with a protective covering until it...
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