Cold War Be Prevented?

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Yueyi (Candy) Hu
Period F
20th Century History
Mrs. Drews

Could the Cold War have ever been prevented?

Cold war was a war without any real killings or battles. It continued roughly through 1946 to 1991 between USA and USSR. Here, I would like to discuss about could the Cold War ever been prevented. Due to the ideological differences resurface; the huge difference between the aims of USA and USSR; the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. Firstly, It is agreeable to a certain extent that the Cold War was due to the ideological differences between USA and USSR. Secondly, the aim of USA and USSR are so different on how to treat Germany after WWI. Thirdly, all these conferences and plans that USA had made were not creating any satisfaction to USSR at all. The ideologies of USA and USSR seem to be so diverse. The Soviet Union was a Communist Country, which was under the dictatorship of Stalin, and put the needs of the state ahead of personal human rights. The United States was a capitalist democracy, which valued freedom and feared Communism. President Truman was leading his United States on the track of Capitalism. This two social institutions both believe that the alternative ideology was a threat to their own way of life, the only way to make the world stable was to let one of them take over. Also, the fear from both sides of USA and USSR kept affecting their foreign policies. In order to let unity take place, war automatically became one solution. However, after WWI, none of these countries in the world including USA and USSA had any more power left to afford a new war. The Cold War became inevitable. What USA was expecting from post-war Germany was different from what USSR was seeking. The United States associated with Britain wanted to protect democracy, and wanted Germany to be recovered, they were afraid that the large area of Eastern Europe would falling under Soviet’s control. The USSR definitely wanted huge reparation from Germany. Making...
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