Cold War and Text Reading Notes/outlines

Topics: Cold War, Week-day names, Europe Pages: 9 (2207 words) Published: December 3, 2012
AP European History – Spring Semester Reading Syllabus for 2011 SPRING SEMESTER: the AP European History exam is Friday afternoon, May 11

Just as with first semester, all reading/outlining assignments are due on the date listed on the syllabus.

NOTE THAT THE MIDTERM EXAM IS ON FEBRUARY 17TH AND THE FIRST FINAL IS ON APRIL 9th, so “Buckle up, ‘homies,’ buckle up!” WE WILL SPEND THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL REVIEWING THE ENTIRE COURSE AND PRACTICING AP EXAMS AND DBQ’s. As with first semester, the “Mid-term and Final Exam” category = 20% of the total semester grade.

But don’t worry about any of that . . . for now, just please DO worry about keeping up with reading/outlining! Do not procrastinate on reading/outlining . . . KEEP UP THE PACE!

1/9 Monday, 50-minute classStart w/in class review: The Irish Famine (pp. 721-22) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:We will begin Ch. 22: REACTION, REV., ROMANTICISM
Please check out and spend time studying the chart on p. 763

1/10 Tuesday, 50-min classThe Conservative Order 1815-1830 [Metternich] Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 736-all of page 744; 1 orig. doc. form for page 740

1/11-12,Wed. Thu, 85-minute classThe C.O. & Ideologies of Change (-ISM’s) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 745-half of 753; 2 orig. doc. forms for pp. 746 & 750

1/13 Friday, 50-minute classRevolution & Reform 1830-1850 [Mazzini in class] Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 753-764; 3 orig. doc. forms due for 755, 759 & 762

1/16 (Read for Monday even thoughThe Emergence of an Ordered Society and It’s a holiday)Culture: The Mood of Romanticism
pp. 764-774; 3 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 766, 769 & 770

1/16 Monday, Martin Luther King Day – Check out our own Shannon Tivona who is the 1st place winner of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr essay/art/poetry contest!! She’ll be sharing her work at CSU!! Razor-Sharp!!

1/17, Tuesday, 50-min classSome Romantic Art in class & then begin Chapter 23:
Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 776- to top of 781 (Napoleon III); 1 orig doc. form for 778

1/18-19 Wed.-Thu., 50-minute classNational Unification of Italy & Germany (Bismarck in class) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp.781-789; 2 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 784, & 788

1/20 Friday, 50-minute classNation Building & Reform-- Industrialization and Marxism Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 789-810; 5 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 792, 801, 804, 805, & 808
Listen to Richard Wagner audio lecture at home.

1/23, Monday- 50min classfinish any discussion & then Chapter 22-23 Exam (pp. 736-810) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:STUDY FOR CH 22-23 EXAM and 17 original doc. forms due

1/24 Tuesday, 50-minute classGrowth of Industrial Prosperity [Krupp audio lecture] Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 812-822; 2 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 815 and 821

1/25-26 Wed.-Thu., 85-minute classThe Emergence of Mass Society (population, cities, & class) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 822-830; 1 orig. doc. due for pp. 827

1/27 Friday, 50-minute class“Emergence” continued (Women, Family, Education and Leisure)
[lecture on George Elliot in class]
Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 830-837; 2 orig. doc forms due for pp. 831 and 837

1/30, Monday, 50-min classThe National State (and start on Friday’s long assignment, too!) Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 837-843; 2 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 839 and 842

Ch. 25: AN AGE OF MODERNITY & ANXIETY (1894-1914)
1/31 Tuesday, 50-minute classToward Modern Consciousness: Intellectual & Cultural Developments Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 846-859; 2 original doc. forms due for pp. 851 and 855

2/1-2, Wed.-Thu.- 85 minute classPolitics: New Directions and New Uncertainties [Dreyfus in class] Text Reading Notes/outlines due:pp. 859-868; 3 orig. doc. forms due for pp. 861, 863, and 867

2/3 Friday, 50-minute classThe New...
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