Cold War

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: January 6, 2013
After the Second World War ended the Cold War began. The Cold War was a struggle between America and the USSR. The cold War impacted places all around the globe such as Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

During the Cold War the continent of Europe was divided. (Doc. 1) Western Europe was non-communist while Eastern Europe was communist. During the Cold War the U.S and USSR were known as the superpowers. The American led military alliance was called Nato while the Soviet led alliance was called the Warsaw Pact.

During the Cold War the Asian nation of Korea and Vietnam were divided. (Doc. 6a and 6b) Both nations were divided into communist and non-communist sections. Today all of Vietnam is communist while Korea remains a divided nation. South Korea is a free democratic while North Korea is a Marxist dictatorship. Korea experienced a terrible war that started in 1950 that saw millions of Korean forced from their homes and many others killed. (Doc. 5) The people of Korea are still impacted by the cold War because the Korean people are still divided and the war never officially ended.

Another part of the world impacted by the cold War was German city of Berlin. (Doc. 3a and 3b) During the Cold War the western part of the city was occupied by French, British, and American forces. The eastern part was controlled by the Soviet Union. The city of Berlin was finally reunited in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down.

During the Cold War some nations were attacked. The nation of Hungary has invaded by Soviet forces in the 1950’s. (Doc. 2) The anti-communist revolt was crushed by the Red Army and the nationalist leader of Hungary Imre Nagy was forced out of office and was arrested and later executed. Until the Cold War ended Hungary was controlled by the Soviet Union and was one of the many satellites states in Eastern Europe.

During the Cold War some nations did not take a side. Not taking a side during the Cold War was called non alignment. (Doc. 4) One example of...
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