Cold Therapy

Topics: Medicine, Therapeutic hypothermia, Hypothermia Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Sara Walton
Unit 2 Assignment 2

Therapeutic Hypothermia Following Cardiac arrest
My article was titled “Therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest: a review of the evidence.” The use of cooling the body below the normal physiology temperature has just being used in the past 10 years for post cardiac arrest patients (Collins & Samworth, 2008). In this article it discusses the facts and results of using hypothermic therapy in a post cardiac patient. It also explains that in trials done on this the outcome was that in people that had “cold therapy” had better mortality and less neurological problems.

This article defines therapeutic hypothermia. This makes it easy for a medical professional to understand. However, if u don’t have a medical understand you would not be able to understand the jargon that we use every day. The article later goes on to critique each study that the article reviews discussing the pros and cons of each. At the end it sums everything up and draws a conclusion from all of the material gathered. Over all it is a more beneficial to perform the hypothermia therapy than not with in the standard protocols.

The information in this article was peer reviewed and published. I found the article to have a lot of information that I would use. There were also a lot of many different studies that have been done on this. I appreciated the fact that they weren’t just using one study. Cold therapy can be a controversial topic and this article helped put my mind at ease if I were a nurse in the Emergency Department or ICU and was told by a doctor that I would need to initiate this practice. References

Collins, T., & Samworth, P. (2008). Therapeutic Hypothermia following cardiac arrest: a review of the evidence. Nursing In Critical Care, 13(3),144-151
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