Cold Mountain Quotes

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Cold Mountain Quote Analysis 1
“Well, Inman said. You’re mighty calm. Especially for a man that most would say has taken the little end of the horn all his life. The blind man said, It might have been worse had I ever been given a glimpse of the world and then lost it. (Frazier 5)”

During the course of the conversation between Inman and the blind man their two personalities and views towards life foil each other. While the blind man has grown accustom to his blindness and blames nobody for his misfortune, Inman on the other hand, is astonished by the fact that the blind man doesn’t have anyone to blame for what happened to him. In man can’t help but focus on the negative of the situation, he can’t comprehend why the old man is comfortable the way he is and does not have any anger inside of him.

Cold Mountain Quote Analysis 2
“After a time, though, Inman found that he had left the book and was simply forming the topography of home in his head. Cold Mountain, all its ridges and coves and watercourses. Pigeon River, Little East Fork, Sorrel Cove, Deep Gap, Fire Scald Ridge. He knew their names and said to himself like the words of spells and incantations to ward off the things one fears most. (Frazier 11)

This passage shows that Inman has deep sentimental feelings towards his home, which includes Cold Mountain. The mountain was and still is his home; he knows the terrain and how to navigate his way through the wilderness. Thinking of the landscape brings him happiness and reminds him of all the great experiences he had gone through. He is able to list of the physical features of the environment off the top of his head, which shows that feels comfortable and is knowledge able when it comes to being in the wilderness that surrounds Cold Mountain.

Cold Mountain Quote Analysis 3
“And, too, Inman guessed Swimmer’s spells were right in saying a man’s spirit could be torn apart and cease and yet his body keep on living. They could take death...
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