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Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: May 19, 2013
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Savannah Newton
AP English III
7 December 2012
A Look into William P. Inman:
An Analysis of “Cold Mountain”
In Charles Frazier’s 1997 novel “Cold Mountain,” an injured soldier named Inman begins his journey of travelling to Cold Mountain where his true love named Ada Monroe lived. Ada’s father, a former preacher at Cold Mountain, called Monroe, suddenly passes away and Ada is forced to move back to their home in Black Cove. Ada, having no idea how to make a living, had communications through the Swangers with a girl named Ruby, who helped make the farm profitable. Meanwhile, Inman commits violent acts with noble intentions. His aggression protects the innocent and therefore justifies his violence. Inman’s moral ambiguity reflects the novel’s assertion that evil may be necessary and perhaps even moral. Inman comes across Solomon Veasey, a preacher who tried to drug and murder his pregnant lover. After the preacher reveals details of his affair, Frazier depicts that Veasey is “already betrothed” (118) and that he would be exiled from his community if his infidelity were discovered. Inman can’t decide what to do with the preacher, but later chooses to wad up a kerchief and put it in his mouth and “lead the rope off the horse and tie the preacher by his neck to the tree” (119). He “lifted the girl from the horse” he lead to her home up the rode and Newton 2

“carried her inside and put her into the bed” (Frazier 120). He warned her about the preacher’s intentions after she awoke. He later returns for the preacher and joins Inman on his journey to see Ada. Inman, who seems to be content with his decision to kidnap and abandon the preacher for a short while, justifies the situation by saving the young woman.

The next day, Inman and Veasey help a man, “not precisely old” (Frazier 205), remove a dead bull from his stream. This man, Junior, invites them to his home to spend the night, and several strange things happen. A drunk Veasey was...
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