Cold Mountain Book Report

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Cold Mountain is not only a love story, but also a great American tribute to the everlasting side effects the war had on its soldiers. Although the novel doesn’t tell a true story, it represents much more than just a quick read that happens to have a historic background. Like any other author, Charles Frazier uses the undertones and downfalls of a country divided in two to portray the lasting consequences both sides will eventually face. The story is told in the two main character’s points of view. The stories of each start off separate, but throughout the novel, are worked into one and will ultimately lead to one the main character’s death. The first main character presented is a Confederate soldier Inman. Inman, as previously stated, is a Confederate soldier who in the opening chapter is introduced with a war wound and escapes from the hospital in order to travel from present day Virginia to North Carolina to ask his lover, Ada, for her hand in marriage. Throughout the book, Inman faces not only his own persecutions, but the perils of other souls that have also found themselves hardened by the efforts of the war. He is surrounded by death, violence, and most of all, loneliness. Inman is the mirror between what is moral and what is wrong, and throughout the book, faces the challenge of trying to balance morality with reality. He is troubled by his war efforts, and while he doesn’t want to add to them, he is in a constant battle to return home, at no matter what the cost. Ada, Inman’s lover, is the key to Inman’s success. Due to moving from high-class Charleston to country side Cold Mountain to care for her Father’s worthless farm, Ada is the character in the book that changes the most mentally. While Inman is facing the terrors of violence, Ada is facing the terrors of pain and everything else she was emotionally sheltered from as a child. Inman will throughout the novel build Ada as a foundation of his future, and even though she doesn’t have an...
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