Cold Mountain

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Animal Cruelty
Hans R. Pluntke
Ashford University
SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Professor Michelle Hinton
November 21, 2011

According to our text mise en scene is defined as an expression used to describe the design aspects of a theatre or film production, which essentially means “visual scene” or “telling a story” (Goodykuntz and Jacobs, 2011). The easiest way to understand the scene, is to understand what mise en scene means. The movie I have chosen to evaluate is Cold Mountain (Dec. 25th, 2003). The specific scene is “Ruby Arrives” ( This movie takes place in Cold Mountain, North Carolina during the American Civil War. This movie alternates views between its two main characters until they reunite. There are two main actress’ portrayed in this scene that I have chosen. Ada Munroe, played by Nicole Kidman and Ruby Thewes, played by Renee Zellweger. Anthony Minghella is the director of Cold Mountain, while Dante Ferretti is the production designer. Maria Teresa Barbasso, Pier-Luigi Basile, Christian Niculescu, Alexandro Santucci, and Luca Trachino are all listed as art directors. ( As with any play, film, or series the director plays a vital lead role behind the scenes. Anthony Minghella’s role as the director in this film is to lead his team to produce the most eye catching and intrigueing story. It is ultimately his decisions that make or break a film. The director interpretys script into personal vision and decides overall “look” with the production designer and cinemotagrapher; directs actors and actress’ and the action while shooting the film. (Goodykontz and Jacobs, 2011) A production designer is responsible for the visual concept of a theatre, film, or television production. As the production designer Dante Ferretti took into account design styles for...
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