Cold Comfort Farm

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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The Influence of Flora Poste

Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm is a story of a young woman named Flora Poste, and the result of her life after the death of her parents. She begins her new life living with Mary from the rich aristocratic side of London. However, rather than getting a job and working, she decides that she would like to live in the “real” world for her upcoming novel she plans to write within the next thirty years. In order to do so, Flora Poste decides she wants to live with relatives that are not necessarily wealthy but rather interesting in a literary perspective for experience. Through this decision, she declines marriage, as well as living with wealthy cousins, and leaves for Cold Comfort Farm to live among her first cousin, Judith Starkadder.

Cold Comfort Farm is an old cursed farm inhabited by pessimistic hard-working poor individuals. Flora Poste’s arrival is barely welcomed as she learns to understand and adapt to the new miserable culture of Cold Comfort Farm. She learns of how her father had committed a terrible sin that no one speaks of, for which she wants to atone for her father’s wrongdoing. She learns of her Great Aunt Ada Doom, who has secluded herself from society and lives in her room alone due to the sin she had seen Robert Poste commit at youth. However even through all these downfalls, Flora Poste keeps a high head up and attempts to change life on Cold Comfort Farm.

Flora Poste’s character is shown through her interaction with the people of Cold Comfort Farm. An example of this is when Flora Poste meets Miriam who is in labor, and explains to her how her situation can be resolved through protection and explains her knowledge of family planning to her. Flora Poste shows her sincerity when she interacts with Rubin. After making tea for him, he angrily tells Flora Poste how she cannot do the jobs that Rubin can. Rubin is worried, however Flora Poste explains how she does not want the farm, and how she would leave the farm...
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