Topics: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Short Answer Questions

1) Truman Capote builds suspense in the novel by leading up to the family’s death by talking about how this will be there last day on earth. He states they will make their last cherry pie, take their last buggy ride to town, etc. He also describes Dick and Perry’s trek across the state of Kansas and how they prepare for the murders by buying rubber gloves, ropes, etc.

2) In Cold Blood is like a fiction novel because of how brutally the murders are committed. When the two men found no money in the house, and committed the murders anyway, this proves these men were not sane. Even though the novel is nonfiction, most of the events are still true whereas, if he would have reported the facts exactly the same way that they happened, it would be more like a newspaper article than a story.

3) The Clutter’s family last day alive is described very vividly in the book. They are described as taking their last buggy ride to town, and baking their last cherry pie among other everyday activities. Capote makes you feel attracted to the family by describing them as sweet innocent family that are later killed by these two criminals. 4) I empathize with the Clutter family because they were the innocent victims of a horrible tradgedy. I empathize with Bobby Rupp because his girlfriend Nancy Clutter got murdered and he must have been very sad. Alvin Dewey was the detective assigned to the case and he had to work overtime to find the killers. 5) Capote split the narrative into three sections because he wanted to tell the story in a particular order. He tells the story in a beginning, middle, and end fashion so to accurately recount the events that happened. He leaves out the descrpitons of the murders until the end because he wanted to make the reader wonder how they were committed. 6) Throughout the novel i felt no sympathy for either of the two criminals because they brutally murdered a innocent family and they ran from the...
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