Coker vs Virginia

Topics: Rape, Sexual abuse, Child sexual abuse Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: September 28, 2012
September23, 2012

My premise is that Eric Lee Coker was a rapist because he inherited the trait from his father

Based upon the research I have done on Coker was serving a sentence for a string of heinous crimes. While serving this sentence he escaped from prison and raped a man’s wife. And went to trial and was Not given the death penalty for the rape due to a cruel and unusual punishment law.

In 2007 Ehrlich Coker's son Eric Lee Coker was sentenced in North Carolina to at least 21 years for repeatedly Molesting a 14-year-old relative and then trying to hire someone to kill his wife. It is stated in a bit of the research found that there is a link to inheriting the trait from his father. Upon further digging I Found that the trait is generally triggered by abuse in the childhood years. Another trigger can be a substantial Damage to the frontal lobe due to an accident. It is unknown if Ehrlich Cocker beat or molested his son, from what Was found Eric Lee Coker did molest a 14 year old family member. Also children who have a lack of attachment to neglect often have the same “symptoms”. They tend to work really Hard at trying to look as normal on the outside as possible. So the answer I have come up with is I am really not sure. The evidence is not conclusive enough, to state yes or no.

So I am going to go out on a limb here and explain something and why it may or may not be inherited. My former husband was pretty much a sociopath/psychopath. I am finding this textbook case according to all the Information at hand. And therapist diagnosis. We have a son together and I have thought about those very Questions, I see some character traits in my son that at 5 because I am always suspicious of it, or maybe he is just Being five. My ex-husband was a con man and identify thief. And a bad one to. Fact of the matter is he lied a lot, Manipulated, had low self-esteem, and seemed to take on conditions he read about. Now to take a comparison...
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