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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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a. Diet Coke – Designed for Consumer who are health conscious. b. Coke Zero – Designed for young men between the ages of 18 & 34. c. Diet Coke Plus – Designed for consumers who are more health conscious who desire a sweeter taste with more vitamins & minerals. d. Coca- Cola Blak – Designed for older more sophisticated customers willing to pay more. e. Full Throttle Blue Demon – Designed to appeal Hispanic Men.

Each products marketing should contain the following types of demographic segmentation: - 1) Age - Consumer needs and wants change with age although they may still wish to consume the same types of product. So Marketers must design, package and promote products differently to meet the wants of different age groups. (Coke Zero, Coca Cola Blak)

2) Lifestyle -Marketers are increasingly interested in the effect of consumer "lifestyles" on demand. ( Diet Coke, Diet Coke Plus, Full Throttle Blue Demon)
3) Income - Many companies target affluent consumers with luxury goods and convenience services by contrast, many companies focus on marketing products that appeal directly to consumers with relatively low incomes. (Coca Cola Black)

4) Social Class - Consumers perceive social class influences. Their preferences for cars, clothes, home furnishings, leisure activities and other products & services. (Coca-Cola Black)

5) Gender - Gender segmentation is widely used in consumer marketing. For example the men would not drink the ‘Diet Coke’ because it had a ‘feminine stigma’ attached to it. However the title ‘Coke Zero’ would be an effective way to sell the product. (Coke Zero)

Diet Coke and Diet Coke Plus are two products that are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero. For example if a Female consumer is a usual purchaser of Diet Coke, with the release of Coke Zero, she may decide to purchase Coke Zero instead not due to the Change of title but because the drink had been ‘re-edited’. The Drink is now advanced with artificial...
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