Coke Zero Case Study

Topics: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Gender Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Coke Zero Case Study

Coca Cola is world renowned soft drink. Unfortunately when it comes to taking health into consideration this is one of the last things one should be ingesting into their system. That’s why Coke introduced Diet Coke in 1982. Unfortunately the typical male consumer shies away from dieting due to social pressure for being perceived or mistaken for the feminine persona often categorized as a homosexual. With proper understanding, Coke was able to market a no calorie, body conscience beverage to the younger male demographic with great success. The male market, especially in the United States is very eager to acknowledge their masculinity and take various steps to confirm this notion. The U.S. is the country of John Wayne and the Marlboro Man, whom exemplify the ruggedness and strength that dates back to the founders of the country. To be caught checking your weight, looking in the mirror, and drinking a low calorie beverage contradict these standards. For males in their teens and early 20’s to be overly concerned with the physical appearance is sometimes likened to being homosexual in a culture that prides itself on masculinity. With recent advances over the years, Coke has been able to mimic the flavor of regular Coke, so in 2005 they introduced Coke Zero. Upon the introduction, sales were very poor in the United States, but did rather well in countries like Australia where the container was in a more masculine black container. The container in the United States looked remarkably similar to Diet Coke, thus still coming off as a bit “sissy.”At this time Coke Zero’s primary purpose was to mimic the flavor of regular Coke, while maintaining Diet Cokes’ followers. In 2007 Coke reintroduced Coke Zero in the United States with a black and silver label, targeting the younger male market that wanted to remain masculine but still watch their calories. In order to achieve a proper understanding between the target demographic and Coke, Coke needed...
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