Coke Zero Behavior Intention

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Diet Coke Pages: 39 (9027 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Table of Content

Chapter 14
Background of the problem5
Research Question6
Objective of the research6
Chapter 2: Literature review7
Secondary data study7
Behavioral Intention7
Brand Loyalty10
Product Feature11
Social Trend14
Conceptual Framework15
Research Hypotheses16
Chapter 3: Methodology17
Type of research17
Research Design17
Exploratory Studies17
Descriptive Research18
Problem Discovery and Definition18
Planning Research Design18
Sampling Plan18
Data Collection18
Data Processing and Analysis18
Conclusion and Report18
Population, Sample & Sampling18
Research Tool (Questionnaire) Development19
Data Collection Method22
Type of Exploratory Research22
Secondary Data22
Descriptive Research22
Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Results25
Sample Profile25
Descriptive Statistics26
Frequency Table26
Frequency Table27
Rank Calculation28
Contingency Table29
Frequency Table29
Multiple Responses Table30
Mean Calculation31
Mean Calculation31
Hypothesis Testing32
Main Hypothesis Testing32
Alternative Hypothesis36
Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation46
Discussion of Research Results46
Table of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Favorite Drink26
Figure 2: Favorite Soft Drink Brand27

Table 1: Sample Profile25
Table 2: Favorite Drink26
Table 3: Favorite Soft Drink Brand27
Table 4: Importance of Criteria28
Table 5: Calories Concern * Gender Crosstabulation29
Table 6: Coke Zero Recognition29
Table 7: Media30
Table 8: Times Drinking Coke Zero within last week31
Table 9: Mean and Standard Deviation from each Construct31
Table 10: Hypothesis 1-132
Table 11: Hypothesis 1-232
Table 12: Hypothesis 1-333
Table 13: Hypothesis 2-134
Table 14: Hypothesis 2-234
Table 15: Hypothesis 2-335
Table 16: Hypothesis 3-136
Table 17: Hypothesis 3-236
Table 18: Hypothesis 4-137
Table 19: Hypothesis 4-238
Table 20: Hypothesis 5-139
Table 21: Hypothesis 5-239
Table 22: Hypothesis 5-340
Table 23: Hypothesis 5-440
Table 24: Hypothesis 5-540
Table 25: Hypothesis 5-641
Table 26: Hypothesis 6-142
Table 27: Hypothesis 6-242
Table 28: Hypothesis 7-143
Table 29: Hypothesis 7-243
Table 30: Hypothesis 8-144
Table 31: Hypothesis 8-244
Table 32: Hypothesis 9-145
Table 33: Hypothesis 9-245


The purposes of this study are to identify and examine what factors affect behavioral intention on Coke Zero in term of word of mouth and purchase intention and how each individual factor related to behavioral intention. The factors that we can come up are brand loyalty, product feature, advertising, and social trend and we treat all these factors as independent variables against the dependent variables, purchase intention and word of mouth.

For our business research, we start with Problem Identification, which included Literature review, Definition of purchase intention, word of mouth and factors that affect purchase intention and word of mouth. We find the reasons and how Coke Zero product availability has an effect to on Purchase intention and word of mouth. We find company background and situational analysis research in title of behavioral intention (purchase intention and word of mouth) of Coke Zero. Our target population is people who live in Bangkok.

The result of our research is Word of Mouth of Coke Zero can be predicted by Social Trend, and Brand Loyalty, arrange from the most influence factor, not Product Feature and Advertising. Purchase Intention of Coke Zero can be predicted by Social Trend, Brand Loyalty, and Product Feature, arrange from the most influence factor, not Advertising. The level of Word of Mouth and Purchase Intention is significantly...
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