Coke Cola Swot Analysis

Topics: Coca-Cola, Want, Need Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: September 15, 2012
SWOT analysis
S: World’s leading brand / large scale of operations / revenue growth W: Negative publicity / decline in cash from operating activities O: Acquisitions intense competition / growing bottled water market / growing Hispanic population in US T: Intense competition / Dependence on bottling partners

Discussion Questions
1. I think coke cola should be the analyzer in the miles and snow’s framework. Since analyzer tries to maintain a stable business while innovation on the periphery, coke cola wants innovate some new products and also, need to keep its top position. In the porter’s framework, I think coke cola follows the differentiation. As coke is taking steps to revamp its design strategy and want dropping the word classic from its labels, which means coke want to be special in the industry. 2. I think there are many advantages that has contributed to coke’s ability to compete in the market. It included coke cola’s market leadership; business partnerships. Strong brand portfolio; collaborative customer relationships; channel marketing; multi-segmentation; client value management; flexible sales and distribution models; full operating potential; managerial expertise and sustainable development. 3. In order to keep a sustainable strategy is not an easy thing. Coke cola really doing well in this area. It respecting people; protecting the environment; supporting communities; offering safe and quality products. All these reasons give coke cola a sustainable image and being competitive advantages for coke cola. 4. The main ways for coke cola to get its competitive advantage and maintain its strong competitive position are through innovation, relations or reputation. Innovation will give coca cola competitive advantage because it introduces a new product, which many people will want to try. As coke cola is a traditional brand and has strong brand loyal, all coke cola need to do is keeping good relationship with these customers and what’s...
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