Coke and Sketchers Adapting Into International Markets

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Many Americans are familiar with the product names Coke and Skechers, with both brands most likely at some time or another making their way into an American home. Over years we have been indulged with commercials, magazine articles, billboards, television commercials and radio spots, which promoted those two companies products. Over the past decade the growth of Globalization has provided these companies room to expand and disburse their products worldwide. However, before Coke and Skechers move products forward into new countries, vast amounts of dollars are placed in researching the consumer’s wants and needs, plus what they believe creates value in a product. These factors greatly influence how a company markets product to new, international consumers.

Coke is the first of the two companies which this report will cover, going over information which relays how Coke has adapted their products when marketing globally. Upon reviewing the comparison of Coke’s 4 P’s both domestically, as compared to internationally, there is a slight variance amongst the 4 P factors.

When looking at the “Product”, Coca-Cola uses two formulas, one made with sugarcane, the other with corn syrup (found in America), for all different markets. Coke also adapts the flavor of Coke to mimic more popular ethnic flavors within specific countries. ( , 2010). Such as the “Mezzo Mix” found in Germany, which tastes a lot like Pepsi, with a hint of bitterness. Or the South African “Bibo Pine Nut”, a non-carbonated soda which is very sweet, similar to the pina colada snow cone syrup. Another strange combination is the “Smart Apple” located in China, which tastes similar to a green apple candy or a caramel apple sucker. (, 2010).

The “Price” of Coke, will slightly vary from each countries market, by adding in other varying factors such as R & D, costs of delivery, ingredients, tariffs, and more.

The “Placement” of Coke also becomes a factor while designing bottles or cans, for a specific country. Coke bottles or cans are found to be similar in size and shape of other beverage bottles located within each specific country, due to the fact some countries do not use, nor have vending machines and must utilize other “shelf” methods of display. ( , 2010).

Coke products have different forms of “Promotion”, within each country. Many of these countries hold different factors which influence buying coke products. Upon researching Coke advertisement many International television commercials were out on the web. These commercials ranged from comical, friendly” young to middle aged”, families and “smiling” friends in Spain, as they gathered for traditional Spanish early noon meals. Singapore Coke commercials were usually animated, “youthful characters”, with local pop singers singing hip hop music.

As for Cokes global “Position”, Coke remains consistent worldwide. Coca-Cola has chosen to tweak its positioning efforts to accommodate each individual, local culture, practices and nuances. Cokes product movement is based on what is the best launch of its product, within each international market. This position is evident in its 'Live on the Coke Side of Life' advertisement campaign launched in a Super Bowl Advertisement in 2007, where elements of local culture are included within a large television advertising campaign. (, 2007).

As the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages, Cokes beverages are generally for all consumers; however the main “Target Market” of Coke mainly consists of younger generations. This young generation is the target market of Coke because Coke wants the youth and energy surrounding the product. This is pretty much the same target market group found worldwide. However, there are some brands, which target specific consumers. Both nationally...
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