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Topics: Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Pivot table Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: March 19, 2013
MIST 315 Assignment 2 – the Spreadsheet Project

Executive Information System Reporting for Decision Support

The City of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, wishes to organize its campaign contributions records in a more strategic format. The city council is considering an executive information system that can show them overall views of the contribution information as well as give them the ability to access more detailed information. You have been hired to make recommendations about what reports should be available for the executive information system reporting.

The following table is a list of the data fields for the reports in the proposed executive information system. To help you develop realistic reports, the city has provided you with a spreadsheet raw data file (CONTRIBUTION.xls, available on Blackboard) that contains contribution details.

|Column |Name |Description | |A |DATE |The actual date that the contribution was made | |B |CONTRIBUTOR |The name of the person or organization that made the contribution | |C |DISTRICT |The district number that the councilperson belongs to | |D |AMOUNT |The amount of the contribution | |E |TYPE |The description type of where the contribution amount was given | |F |COUNCILMEMBER |The councilmember’s name | |G |PARTY |The councilperson’s political party |

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