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Productivity Improvement is a challenge to every Industry. As we know Change is constant, so is the demand and requirement of customers. At the same time competition is fierce and is also changing. There has to be continuous efforts for productivity Improvement so as to sustain and grow. Productivity Improvement means efficiency improvement at all stages ie., Manpower, energy, machinery, Process & money etc., The profit of any Company depends upon Productivity. Factors affecting Productivity:

1. Due to Management:
* Marketing policy, which demands unnecessarily large number of products. * No Standardization of components between as well as within products. * Improper planning of work flow.
* Improper supply of Material, Equipment.
* Improper maintenance of Plants and Machineries
* Insufficient safety measures.
* Improper working conditions resulting in interrupted work.

2. Due to worker:
* Lack of time maintenance like idling at work, lateness, etc., * Causing Scrap or re-work due to Careless workmanship.
* Failing to observe safety standards.

3. Due to process:
* Incorrect machine (and or hand tools) used.
* Process not properly completed.
* Layout design with wasted movements.
* Working methods of operation causing wasted movements, time & efforts.

4. Due to Product:
* The product or components designed such that it is impossible to use most economical Manufacturing process. * Excessive variety or lack of standardisation.
* Incorrect quality standards.
Tools for Improving Productivity
We can improve the productivity by applying the following tools. 1. Productivity Improvement at Enterprise level:
Pareto Analysis, Ishikawa Diagram will help management to understand the problem and also to overcome that. Pareto Analysis: A graphical tool for ranking causes from the most significant to the least significant. It is based on the Pareto...
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