Cognitive Psychology Cell-Phone Induced Driver Distraction

Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Cellular network Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Cell-Phone Induced Driver Distraction
In the study conducted by David L. Strayer and Frank A. Drews the researchers examined the effects of operating hands free devices mainly cell phones for this study, while performing driving tasks in order to determine just how much the devices can divert or distract the operator of the vehicle during their use. The authors conducted four different experimental studies with various scenarios as a means to pinpoint and observe whether an individual can operate a vehicle and still be able to concentrate their attention to the task at hand. The reason the study was performed was because earlier data in another study suggested that drivers had a slower reaction time while operating hands free devices and this also made the driver more susceptible to running traffic lights. However, in the study it was concluded that listening to talk radio or audio books did not have impairment on driving abilities thus the main purpose of the article was to obtain sufficient evidence and data to support the hypothesis stating that the use of cell phones and other hands free devices drastically impair driving abilities. In each of the four studies performed the experimenters placed computerized software and used a driving simulator equipped with vehicle dynamics, traffic scenarios and realistic road and surface conditions. The studies also had dual task conditions to such has having conversations on the phone with another individual to help further prove the hypothesis. In the first study the researchers focused on the conditionality probability of participants recognizing objects that they had been fixated on while driving. In this first study Strayer and Drews concluded that the data collected was consistent with the hypothesis reiterating the fact that cell phone conversations and other hands free devices disrupts performance. Continuously in the second study the researchers focused on the extent of engaging in cell phone...
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