Cognitive psychology

Observational learning, Perception, Working memory


Cognition co- + gnoscere to come to know. Knowing requires mental activity acquiring, storage, transformation and use of knowledge (Matlin, 2002).

Cognitive Psychology deals with how people perceive, learn, remember and think about information (Sternberg, 2003) and how do they use this information (Matlin, 2002).

Cognitive psychology is psychological branch that study mental process including how people think, see, memorize and learn. As part of field of cognitive science that is larger, this psychological branch related to other disciplines including neuroscience, philosophy, and linguistic. Main focus cognitive psychology is about how people acquire, process and stores information. There is many practical application for cognitive research, such as memory increase, better decide and curriculum education structuring to increase learning.

Meanwhile, there is cognitive learning style that is different per person. Every from us have learning style and our own thinking. We also have learning methods and thinking and information processing that we sharing with other people. Joint these cognitive styles distinguish us from persons that raise linguistic environment and different cultures. Although accept that student will be interacting with and handle, learning experience curriculum in their own way on they themselves, our curriculum development often based on comprehension being shared with learning process elements.

My studying process and strategies
Basically, I will concentrate during classes and jot down some notes. Besides, I will list out anything that I could not understand during lecture and search more about it in the Internet. Sometime, it would be difficult for me to digest everything during classes, and as a distance learner, it is very important for me to understand the subject during classes. I will normally seek for lecturer to get more information and example on subject that I don’t understand much.

Besides that, I...
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