Cognitive Bias Affect Communication

Topics: Communication, Bias, Graphic communication Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Cognitive biases affect my communication in two different ways depending on what is the type of the biases and what is the exact situation. It or they could affect my communication in two ways: negative or positive. According to the given list most common cognitive biases were chosen and personal analysis was made according to the personal experience and individual assumptions on each cognitive biases. Stereotyping . Stereotyping of another group member comes out of prior experience with the same type of working style, behavior, attitudes or nationality of other people. In my own case, I had many examples where I was stereotyping a person because he or she was from a certain country because in previous experiences I had a bad image or experience and already I think that that person will work or do things exactly the same. Leading to this, it has a negative impact on communication because I prefer or to exclude the person, because I don’t trust that the person can finish the given tasks, like assignments or finish them but with many errors or mistakes. I prefer to switch easier task or tasks, which can be easily done and do not demand a lot of responsibilities and capabilities. A negative impact come out from not having actual information about the person and stereotyping, which in many cases can be wrong. By not giving a chance to show the capabilities I am not trying to strengthen the communication and actually destroying communication because I am even not trying. But these things can be learned by working with more diverse people, so every day I understand more that people I was stereotyping before can surprise you in situations you have never expected them to do things or to give the right solutions the certain situations or problems. By stating this, I mean that there is no rush, give people time to show up, express and analyze them and stereotyping errors can be easily avoided. What is more, if I have a negative stereotyping I feel that I waste my time...
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