Cognitive Behaiour Therapy

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Cognitive Therapy
1 Identify A : What do you want to talk about today?
2.Identify C : How do you feel about…………………? Can you tell me a specific time it occurred? Most time? Worst time? Most distressing time? 3. Assess the

Cs : How distressed )depressed/anxious/angry) are you on a scale of 0 to 10? What do you tend to do when you are distressed? What sensations do you experienced : or what was going on in your body? 4. Assess for

secondary Cs How do you feel about feeling depressed/anxious/angry? 5. Elicit the Bs What’s is going on in your head when you are feeling depress/angry/anxious? You feel depressed/anxious/angry because….. What are you thinking when you feel depressed/depressed/anxious/angry? What are you expecting?

What does it mean to you/about you/about them.

6. Elicit the BC
Connection: Do you always feel the same way when the events happen? (from their own experience do they react to the same event the same way) Answer : No/ Yes How do you feel when you are not reacting the same way/ Angry/ depressed anxious. (calm)

What was going through your head when you are feeling calm? Do others always feel the same ways with the same events? No Is there one people somewhere who do not get angry or distressed? Yes How do they feel ? calm

What were they thinking?
( It is not the parent hitting the child that causes u to be anxious but what you think about the parents hitting the child. Your thought...
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