Cognitive and Physical Changes in Early Adolescennce

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Lucia Davies Fadiga

PSY 1010 LE 01

October 11th, 2011

Final Project

Hill I Use Psychology In My Nursing Career and In My Life

I grew up without my parents as a child from a third world country where not only health conditions but economic conditions, educational and social welfare of life in general is less favorable and adverse to some extent. My aunt raised me up when she stepped in to take the role of my mother from childhood upwards. She has been an adult critical care nurse many years and took me to work with her on several occasions. Along side my aunt who often tells me horrible stories she had experienced, I also had the opportunity to meet and became acquainted with some of her friends who were very affectionate. I also physically witnessed how challenging and physically demanding a career in nursing can be. With this in mind it became apparent for me to understand how some of these horrible stories impacted my feelings towards nursing psychologically and for a child growing up hearing these horrible stories and witnessing some of these activities myself, they became embedded and developed within me so much that I started having these sad feelings for such patients.

Personally for me, hearing some of these stories like working with a psychiatric patient who often tells her she knows me somewhere, knowing fully well that she was in an institution for attempting suicide, avoiding a full urinal thrown by an out of control patient, dealing with delusional patient with dementia and having to change an incontinent patient with severe sacral decubitus, were all too scary and enough for me from ever thinking about pursuing a career as a nurse. On the other hand my got feeling was driving me towards the human effect.

It became obvious to me that psychological theories and practices started to impact my affection for the ill thought about these patients whenever I go to bed at night. When I see a patient diagnosed with disease or injury, I want to help that patient live a long and peaceful life and this comes from the bottom of my heart.

I was not just sympathetic but developed a feeling of compassion, empathy towards them and wanted to help, give them courage and tell them everything will be alright, because that’s what they needed. Raising their hopes to let them know that we are all sick and it could happen to anyone of us at any given time. Uplift them so them emotionally so they feel good and not left out. That was all it took me to make a decision that led me to pursue a career in the health care industry as an LNP nurse.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for 8 years as a nurse, my experience led me to realize the importance of psychology in the nursing field and my life as well. Both psychology and nursing seem to be in very separate fields, but they are very closely tied together and in most cased work hand in hand. As psychology deals with the study of mental process and human behavior in general, the nurse must have a thorough background in psychology in order to be able to address those problems. Mental illness is a mind bugling disease that makes it difficult for an individual to function properly in a normal and productive way. Therefore, in addition to a nurse’s biological knowledge, the nurse must also recognize when the patient is depressed, afraid or confused so that necessary steps to deal with such emotions are in place. And in so doing should try not to aggravate the patient’s condition. A knowledge of psychology gives the nurse a deep understanding on the general aspects of life making the nurse to be concerned about moral aspects, reality and capable of helping others.

Psychology addressed every aspect of human activities and their environment. The mere definitions of both psychology and nursing tell us that, nursing is a psychological profession as it also involves every aspects of human activities and their environment and such nurses are the psychiatric...
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