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Cognitive Disorder /Dementia

Cognitive disorder is a class of disorder in which is characterized by a impairment in cognitive abilities and daily functioning, Cognitive disorders and not psychologically based. Cognitive impairment involving a generalized and progressive deficit in the areas of memory, the learning of new information, the ability to communicate, in making good make judgments, and in motor coordination. This loss of intellect, memory, or mental capacity, is usually accompanied by personality and behavior changes. Depending on the type, some dementias are reversible, while others are not. Dementia due to a brain tumor may be reversible but dementia due to Alzheimer's is not. Dementia is a gradual decline of mental ability that affects your intellectual and social skills to the point where daily life becomes difficult.

The course of dementia is very difficult to trace, but for Alzheimer's disease (AD), the most common form of dementia, there are three stages to the progression of the disease. The early stage of dementia can often be overlooked and incorrectly diagnosed as 'old age'. The person may experience memory problems, show difficulty with language, show signs of depression or irritability, and appear to have less energy and initiative than normal, in the moderate stage the person affected by AD continues to function, but the problems become more pronounced and the person may need supervision to complete certain activities of daily living. The person may show an inability to perform daily activities such as dressing and cleaning themselves they may also have periods of forgetfulness, difficulty in speaking and exhibit behavioral abnormalities In the advanced stage disability becomes obvious at this stage of the disease and the person is totally dependent on a career and is mostly inactive. Memory problems are now very serious and the person becomes increasingly physically disabled in this stage. The person may now show...
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