Coffee Shop Plan

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The Coffee Cup

Our business will be a partnership. We will have it located in Muncie, Indiana on Ball States Campus. It will be a equal liability share. As the owners it would just be two of us that runs our business. We want to start this coffee business for the college kids that's on the go to and need to grab some coffee and a tasty snack. Our business will be different from other coffee shops because we will have really low priced coffee , freshly baked goods and a great peaceful atmosphere. Our target for The Coffee Shop is to offer low priced coffee and baked goods for the college aged adults so they wouldn't have to go off campus to get great tasting coffee for around ten or eleven dollars for just a cup of coffee. All of out products will be at a low price nothing more than five dollars. We plan on having a high number of sales due to our low prices. We plan on advertising by handing out flyers , hanging them up around campus and giving out coupons for our store. Our business will be very small. Just big enough for you to walk in to a counter and have a small table or two in there. The outside would have a small fence around it with a couple tables out there and a bike rail. Our business will also be pet friendly. To actually start our business we will need to find a small place on campus preferably on University St. Our budget for the place we would rent would need to be for around 400 dollars a month to rent the place. For our appliances we would need about three or four coffee makers and two ovens. We would need the basic cooking utensils. We would order large bulks of coffee, different creamers, coffee cups, straws, napkins and lids. We would need to buy all the mixes for the different baked goods and other foods we would need to cook with. At our business we would have the two owners and two additional people that works. We would split our hours up into two different shifts. There will be an employee and one of the owners working at all times....
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