Coffee Shop Business Plan

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. General Company Description
3. Products and services
4. Marketing Plan
1. Market Research
2. Economics
3. Product
4. Customers
5. Competition
6. Table 1: Competitive Analysis
7. Niche
8. Strategy
9. Promotion
10. Pricing
11. Proposed Location
12. Distribution Channels
5. Operational Plan
1. Production
2. Location
3. Legal Environment
4. Personnel
5. Inventory
6. Suppliers
7. Credit Policies
8. Managing Accounts Receivable
9. Managing Accounts Payable
6. Management & Organisation
1. Professional & Advisory Support
7. Financial Statements
1. Sales Forecast
2. Startup Expenses & Capitalization
3. Startup Expenses & Capitalization
4. 12 Month Profit & Loss projection
5. 3Year Profit Projection
6. Projected Cash Flow
7. Opening Day Balance Sheet
8. Break-Even Analysis
9. Break-Even Analysis
10. Startup Expenses & Capitalization
8. Appendices
9. References

Executive Summary

Description of business

Overload Cafe and Laundromat is a new business due to begin operations in January 2009. The business is a Coffee shop and a Laundromat – a two in one service, intended to serve the community in Pietermaritzburg, in the new section of the Midlands Mall, an area where a laundromat will be ideally situated and needed for the area. Our goal is to provide customers with the convenience of having their laundry done while they have a bite to eat or catch up with a friend over coffee.

Ownership and Management

Overload will be a partnership. The partners will be John, Matthew and Chris who are skilled in cooking, accounting and management respectively. They are all active partners in the management decisions.


Primary objectives over the next year:
1) Complete start up activities and open the business to our customers in January 2009. 2) Attain and maintain a position as the leader in this field of business. 3) Secure agreements with local bed and breakfasts, schools and hotels in the area.

Marketing Opportunities

The restaurant will be upmarket. It will have an artistic look to it and on the one side of the restaurant we are offering a Laundromat service. We have well trained waiters who will make you feel comfortable and will attend to all your needs. Our major target areas are the local students and businesses and the elderly. Pietermaritzburg has many students. These students can drop off their washing on their way to varsity and collect it on their way back. The elderly can sit and enjoy the coffee. People enjoy change and convenience therefore we should have a successful future. As our lives are becoming more busy people don’t have much time to do there own washing, cooking and socializing. We combine these three activities, giving more people more time. Due to this convenience, the future of the business has the potential of becoming a franchise.

General Company Description

Our business, Overload, will be a Coffee Shop combined with a Laundromat. We will offer coffee for the customers while they are waiting for their laundry to be done. If the customers are feeling peckish they can have a bite to eat, from a diverse menu.

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in giving personal excellence, respecting others, reasonable rates and a good atmosphere. Our loyalty will be for the customer as we believe they are our priority.

Our goals

To be the best Laundromat in the area and to supply a safe meeting place for the community where they can meet with their friends and have a cup of coffee. We would like to see our shop being the most popular and bringing new friends together and to have a loyal customer following. We would also like to produce good quality food that will satisfy all age groups in the community.

Our aim

Is to expand our business and get into the different...
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